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Don't let your car insurance lapseIt’s hard for the average family to make ends meet these days. Stretching your budget means looking for the best deal on whatever you’re buying, whether that’s car insurance or a loaf of bread. And that’s what CarInsuranceList.com is all about: giving you the tools that you need to understand the car insurance industry so you can get the best deal possible on the level of coverage that you need.

Our mission is to be your portal into the complicated world of car insurance. We’ve made it easy to obtain quotes from our partners, the top rated companies in the car insurance business. But more than that, we believe that understanding the factors that impact car insurance rates in your area is a key to finding affordable coverage that meets your specific needs. So, we’re about more than just giving you the ability to get an online quote.

CarInsuranceList.com is constantly researching the market to give you expert tips, advice, news, and trends that affect car insurance quotes and rates. No two states have the same car insurance requirements; in fact, different zip codes within the same state can have starkly different rates. We give you the information that you need in order to understand the complex nature of car insurance underwriting, and what you can do to reduce your premiums.

Knowledge is power, particularly when evaluating a necessary expense such as car insurance. Our goal is to make you a smarter consumer and to empower you to become your own best advocate for (and manager of) that expense. Yes, we’ve been connecting consumers with the top insurance providers for nearly ten years – and our great partnerships are testament to our commitment to you – but consumer education is another key element of what we bring to your table.

We’ve helped thousands of consumers find cheap car insurance over the years. You’ve taken the first step toward finding a better, more affordable auto insurance policy just by visiting CarInsuranceList.com. So, jump in with both feet, and let us de-mystify the complexities of car insurance buying for you!


Dr. Christine Berry is Associate Professor of Risk Management and Insurance at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the holder of the State Farm Professorship in Insurance, and a consultant to the Louisiana Department of Insurance. Dr. Berry’s accomplishments include an appointment to the Louisiana Insurance Rating Commission, where she helped the state manage numerous property insurance issues in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Dr. Berry’s other credentials include Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Associate in Risk Management and Associate in Reinsurance. Views and ideas expressed in Dr. Berry’s contributions are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

CarInsuranceList.com welcomes contributions from insurance experts. If you are interested in contributing, please send an e-mail to editor (at) carinsurancelist (dot) com.

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