Florida Officials: Red Light Cameras Too Expensive

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Some city and local officials in South Florida are concerned about the cost of automatic “red light” cameras used to identify drivers who run red lights.

The hope, upon installation of the cameras, was that Florida cities would rake in millions of dollars in fines, as a result of images captured by a network of traffic cameras that exists between Pembroke Pines and Fort Lauderdale.

Unfortunately, growing numbers of motorists are disputing the tickets they receive, and winning court rulings that then limit law enforcement. In Fort Lauderdale, Police Chief Frank Adderly said his department is spending more time than anticipated in reviewing tapes and preparing evidence files.

Joy Cooper, Mayor of Hallandale Beach, argues that the cameras do help improve safety, and that the legal issues can be sorted out.

Nevertheless, concern over costs has caused Delray Beach and Boca Raton to delay the installation of cameras.

Car Color Does NOT Affect Insurance

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It’s a popular theory that red cars are pulled over more than any other color. If there’s any truth to that, it lies in the fact that red cars are easier to pick out, and therefore are more noticeable at any speed.

Recently, however, I heard that there’s a corresponding myth that red cars cost more to insure. This, I assure you is patently untrue.

There are several factors that affect the cost of insurance: the make and model of your car are factors, as are the engine size and any special safety features that may or may not be present – everything from air bags to anti-theft devices to electronic stability control systems.

As well, your age, gender, driving record, and driving experience all help determine how much you’ll be paying for insurance. In some states, having a low credit score can make your auto insurance coverage more expensive. Taking a defensive driving course, on the other hand, can earn you a nice discount on that premium.

However, the color of your car, is never taken into account.

Travelers Gives New Discount for New Cars

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Noted property and casualty insurance company Travelers has announced a new discount available to their customers. This discount is tied to new cars.

The New Car Discount gives customers a savings of up to 10% on their collision coverage for new vehicles, and can be applied to vehicles that are three or fewer years old. The actual amount of the discount is based on the age of the car.

In a press release, William Pearse, vice president of Product Strategy and Design for Travelers, spoke about the new discount, saying, “The New Car Discount is one more way that Travelers is helping customers save money while delivering peace of mind that they have the right auto insurance coverage. It can be easy to get caught up in the features and looks of a new car, but it’s important to make sure your new investment is properly protected.”

Arkansas Bans Talking/Texting in School Zones

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In another attempt to curtail distracted driving, the state legislature in Arkansas has given it’s approval for a ban on drivers using cell phones in school or work zones. The vote was approved in the state House of Representatives in a 52-41 vote.

Under the terms of the bill hands-free phones and GPS devices would not be subject to the ban. As well, these violations would be considered secondary offenses, meaning that motorists must be pulled over for a primary offense like speeding before law enforcement officers could cite them for cell phone use. The ban would be in force in school zones during school hours, and in highway work zones whenever workers were present.

The bill is now being advanced to the desk of Governor Mike Beebe. A spokesperson for the government says he plans to sign it into law.

The ban would go into effect on October 1.