GM’s Incentive to Buy: Free Car Insurance

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General Motors logoIt’s the time of the year when auto makers offer significant incentives to move inventory prior to introduction of the coming year’s models. And General Motors has rolled out a doozy of an incentive to car buyers in Oregon and Washington – free car insurance for a year.

GM has announced that from now until September 6, 2011, it will be offering free full coverage car insurance from MetLife Auto to buyers of new GM-branded vehicles in Oregon and Washington. The deal being offered isn’t a bare bones policy, either. Coverage limits significantly exceed minimum liability insurance requirements in both states. From GM’s incentive announcement:

GM Incentive Offer - buy a car, get free insurance for a year

The incentive is being rolled out in the two northwestern U.S. states to gauge consumer interest in the offer. If successful, GM has not ruled out expanding the offer to other states. Analysts see GM’s geographic choice for this market test as a bid to expand sales in two states where consumers have shunned American-made vehicles in recent years.

More information on this promotion is available at all GM-branded websites.