AAA Auto Insurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: As one of the oldest automobile insurance companies in the United States, AAA has operated as a lobby group for automobile issues, a non-profit organization that provides travel and financial services, and as an insurer of personally-owned vehicles. First established in 1902, AAA initially functioned as a group that petitioned to repair or build roads safe for automobiles. Now, in its 106th year, AAA is known in America for its handy travel guides, as well as first-rate car insurance with roadside assistance.

AAA offers membership savings on services and products that range from prescription medications to health and life insurance. Plans can vary, depending on their coverage needs, from full coverage to personal liability.. One of the unique features that AAA offers is a significant price discount for those that purchase automobile, home, and life insurance (or any combination of the three). In the event of a collision, their claims services are ranked among the highest in North America, and if the accident was involving another vehicle insured by AAA, the company will waive $250 of the deductible.

Members of AAA belong to a specific club in their region. Accordingly, local clubs are affiliates of the main company.. Southern California residents will be members of the Automobile Club of Southern California.. With its home-base in the States, AAA has gone worldwide with groups like the Canadian Automobile Association for our neighbors to the north.

Company Website:


Website Overview: Though AAA’s website appears cluttered with linked text scattered across the homepage, it is generally easy to navigate and clearly indicates where the links will lead the viewer. As the company offers several other services than just automobile insurance, its homepage features an online booking service for travel plans. At the top of the page under Insurance, viewers will be able to effortlessly locate the Auto section.

To the right of the site’s Insurance portion is a button to get an instant online quote. This makes the visit much simpler for those who are merely seeking a comparison quote on automobile insurance. However, if a viewer instead decides to delve into the auto section, the path is a bit less clear. Specific information regarding the types of automobile insurance provided by AAA is difficult to find, and viewers must click on a small link to the right called Auto Insurance 101. Even then, potential buyers must wade through a significant amount of text to find plan information.

Contact information for AAA can be found at the bottom of any of their webpages, and a handy site map can also be found at the bottom. The site map lists all areas of website in alphabetical order for quicker navigation.