Eastwood Auto Insurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: Eastwood Auto Insurance is a newer company, established in 1989. They specialize in creating custom policies for owners of automobiles, homes, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. The company operates as private brokers, and potential customers are encouraged to seek information through their local broker. However, those who want an instant quote can call their toll-free hotline or make an online request.

The Eastwood Auto Insurance Company has long been known for its lower requirements for acquiring a policy. Those that have received a DUI or other moving violations can typically get an affordable policy from the company. Because they pride themselves on impressive customer service, most independent brokers hold evening and Saturday hours, as well as typical business hours. Also, they have both an automated service as well as live representatives fluent in Spanish, so those that primarily speak Spanish will be able to easily conduct personal business with the company.

They also accept all major credit cards as payment for policy deductibles, and those payments can be made either by phone or through several of their private broker’s personal websites. However, those with an automobile insurance policy through the Eastwood subsidiary AIG might be worried considering the current economic crisis the company is going through. Nevertheless, it does not appear that automobile insurance policy holders will be affected.

Company Website: http://www.eastwoodinsurance.com/


Website Overview: The Eastwood Auto Insurance website homepage features a woman holding a large pink piggybank, indicating the significant amount of savings that can be had by purchasing a plan through the company. Their motto “Should’a, Could’a, Eastwood’a” is in the center of the homepage and also on the shirts of three quirky men in a graphic at the bottom of the page.

Potential customers can click on a link for an instant quote near the top of the homepage. This leads them to a section in which customers are separated by those living in California and those in the rest of the United States. By filling out a short form, a quote will be generated for a customer. There is also a telephone number, listed in large numbers at the top of the homepage, which consumers can call for an instant quote.

The Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy can be accessed from two different links at the bottom of the homepage. For those seeking information on the history of Eastwood Auto Insurance, an About Us section is easily accessed through a link at the top of the page. Branch office addresses and telephone numbers can be located through the Contact Us link at the top of the homepage, where there is also a graphic of the United States in which states that offer Eastwood policies are highlighted. The bulk of the states are in the southwest, with a smattering of others throughout the country.