Direct General – Company Review

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Company Overview: Direct General Auto Insurance, known by most as simply “Direct General,” is a small but growing insurer offering automobile and motorcycle coverage in thirteen states. Most of its 420 locations are located in the South and Southeast United States, but they extend into Missouri and Illinois as well. Unlike many other vehicle insurers, Direct General actively pushes their motorcycle line.

While its product line is limited to just auto and motorcycle coverage, within that limitation, Direct General offers several interesting options. In addition to customized payments for each client, there is also the ability for customers to select their payment date, choose to increase their deductibles in order to offset premium payments, and choose to make monthly installments or pay in full.

Company Website:


Website Overview: The Direct General website is basic, but efficient. There aren’t a lot of images, and the graphic design is mainly black and white with punches of red for color and effect. There are tabs offering detailed information on both auto and motorcycle coverage, and on the company itself. Each of these pages also offers a series of FAQs answering common questions about insurance coverage.

A second set of pages is meant for current policyholders. Existing customers can also use the website to make payments, file claims, or merely manage their accounts.

The front page also hosts a quote engine, where prospective clients can plug in their information in exchange for a cost estimate.

While Direct General isn’t big on fancy pictures or multimedia, it does advertise itself as having coverage to meet every lifestyle and every budget. The minimalist site design lends the impression of a no-nonsense insurer that isn’t likely to break the bank.