21st Century Insurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: The 21st Century Insurance Company maintains a network of automobile insurance underwriters throughout the U.S. by which it provides service to over 1.5 million customers. Recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for continuous noteworthy mention by providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” over a span of three years.

The 21st Century Insurance Company promotes a level of service which it associates with living in the twenty-first century, including the ability to provide customized and personalized handling of the auto insurance experience. By tailoring an insurance policy which satisfies the specific needs of each of its customers, 21st Century lives up to its promise.

Since your insurance needs will be catered to by local agents, knowledgeable of local auto insurance issues, expect to receive Main Street personalization, delivered with the rapidity and accuracy which Internet technology offers.

In addition to auto insurance coverage, shop from a palette of other services to complete your travel and security needs including: Roadside Assistance Programs, Identity Theft Restoration Services, and Emergency Travel and Medical Assistance.

Company Website: http://www.21stcentins.com/


Website Overview: 21st Insurance maintains a scant but serviceable website which directs its viewers to obtain a free auto insurance rate quote as its main call to action. There is very little to confirm the promise of personal and customizable service from the lack of reassuring personal touches.

There are however a few features which are helpful to the shopper including a link to MADD and one to check vehicle recalls. A pull-down menu for each state enables visitors to locate local DMV offices and highway safety information.