Allstate Insurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: Becoming an independent insurance company in 1995, the Allstate Insurance Company began as part of the Sears Roebuck Company in 1931. Now known as one of the nation’s leading insurers, Allstate was one of the first insurers to adopt a tiered rate system which charged lower rates for safe drivers.

Innovations in the automobile insurance industry punctuate Allstate’s curriculum vitae, such as opening the first drive-through claims office in the 1950s. Not stopping there, the insurer was also instrumental in the 1960s for jump-starting the government’s requirement for safety belts in automobiles. The 1980s saw the company spearheading the movement toward requiring airbags in automobiles and has not stopped influencing automobile safety issues since.

In 2000, Allstate began its “Good Hands” network which enabled drivers to obtain car insurance online, over the phone, and with the help of a local agent. The new millennium sees Allstate Foundation and the National Network to End Domestic Violence Fund jointly head a forum to address the problem of domestic violence in America.

Facing the issue of safety for younger family members, Allstate formed a program called the Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract which helps parents and young drivers work toward a safe driving pact.

Closing out a challenging first decade of the twenty-first century, Allstate helps to mobilize the work force by implementing programs to donate to the Education and Job Training Assistance Fund.

Company Website:


Website Overview: The website for the Allstate Insurance Company is well designed, cheerful and to the point. A clearly marked call to action attracts the attention to a free auto insurance rate quote area which is inviting and simple. Filling out the free rate quote form was easy and quick, and concluded with a monthly and annual rate quote.

In addition to the convenient rate quote service, the Allstate website also provided users with information about its other services including: motorcycle, condominium, motor home, and life insurance coverage. There is also an 800 number to talk directly to a representative.

All in all, the Allstate website appears to be a full-service vehicle which provides abundant insurance information and easy to complete rate quote forms.