Infinity Auto – Company Review

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Company Overview: Infinity Auto is considered a strong, reliable company within the industry. Independent auditor A.M. Best gives Infinity Auto Insurance an A rating for financially stability. This means they consider it a strong company that can pay its claims. One specialty that Infinity prides itself on is non standard auto insurance. Non standard coverage is for classic collectors, specialty cars, or those who are at high risk because of a poor driving record.

Infinity Auto is a combination of five underwriting companies that work together to provide excellent car insurance policies. Started in 1950, the company now has over 2,000 employees who aim to provide insurance for both those who have outstanding driving records and those who do not. Many people who have been denied insurance coverage from other companies obtain an Infinity Auto policy.

Infinity Auto policy choices are unique in nature. Their Classic Collectors Program specializes in insurance to protect the investment of owners of classic cars, even if they are just used for the Sunday drive. Another type of coverage Infinity offers is commercial vehicle coverage. This is offered in 9 states for a variety of businesses, vehicle types, and vehicle weights.

Company Website:


Website Overview: The Infinity Auto quote tool is very prominently placed and simple to use. Just by entering a zip code users can choose to get an auto insurance quote or find an agent. When choosing to get a rate quote basic information needs to be entered such as name, address, and contact information.

They do ask for your cell phone carrier which is required to continue on in the process. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for this when it comes to getting a quote. After filling out all pertinent information, the user is told that a quote will be sent to e-mail or given through a phone call; but, no time frame is given. When using the Find an Agent button a list of several agents with complete contact information instantly pops up. Included in this are links to each agent’s e-mail.

Overall, the Infinity Auto website is easy to use and all pertinent information is a click away. However, the quote is not instant and waiting for it to come via e-mail may put some people off and turn them towards other websites.