AA Insurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: AA Insurance Company is a spinoff of England’s own Automobile Association, an organization that has been catering to the interests of member motorists since 1905.

When cars were new, and driving was a risk-laden pleasure instead of a daily necessity, the AA worked to improve conditions for their small but increasing membership. Today, with almost ten percent of the 21st century behind us, their membership includes about 15 million drivers in the UK.

The Association has more interests than just helping drivers save money on insurance, however, and works with local and national government to push driver safety, road efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

As an insurance company, AA Insurance offers car and van coverage, as well as home, life, travel and pet insurance, and is the largest insurer in the UK.

Company Website: http://www.theaa.com/


Website Overview: The AA Insurance website seems a bit cluttered at first, with very little graduation of font sizes, and lots of little pale-yellow and white boxes, each offering a different deal. One such box offers breakdown coverage (somewhat akin to AAA’s roadside assistance in the USA) for £33, while another offers 12.5% discounts on auto insurance. Every box has a clickable link where users can request quotes.

Because AA Insurance isn’t just an insurance company, there are sections of the site that offer loan quotes as well as links for route planning and setting up driving lessons.

The left-hand sidebar of the website offers a more organized presentation of the different services offered, though it’s easy to overlook because the ad-boxes in the main page pull the eye so strongly.

In addition to insurance and loan quotes, there are links to articles in three different sections: car-related advice (things like determining value and how to buy a used car), specific advice on traveling to Europe, and suggested day trips within Britain.