GMAC Insurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: GMAC Insurance was founded in 1939 under the name “Motors Insurance Corporation.” The company is part of the GMAC Financial Services Group. This is an international operation with offices in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

GMAC is a well-respected organization, with endorsements from General Motors, Mr. Goodwrench, and OnStar. The company writes up over $1.4 billion in premiums annually and has over $300 billion in assets. Customers who choose GMAC car insurance can be confident that the company has the resources to pay out on a large claim, if called on to do so.

GMAC policyholders who need to have repairs done on their vehicle can do so with confidence, since their policy states that the mechanic will make them using parts made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Other insurers may specify that only less expensive, aftermarket products can be used, or charge an extra fee for OEM parts. The company is dedicated to good customer service practices. If a policyholder is not satisfied with the way their claim is dealt with, GMAC will waive the policy deductible, up to a set amount.

Company Website:


Website Overview: The GMAC website is well laid out and easy to navigate. Tabs clearly direct site visitors to sections of the site for auto, RV, and home insurance. Policyholders can submit a claim online or get information about financial matters by checking out tutorials on several topics, including home and auto financing, credit cards, how to obtain a credit report, and more.

Helpful links on each page of the web site direct the user where to go next to gather information or take action. A toll-free number is posted on each page, as well as a link to an online quote form for the site visitor’s convenience. The GMAC Insurance Quote form is clear and easy to navigate. It also provides information about available discounts, such as those offered to homeowners, GM employees, and existing GMAC policyholders.

The GMAC Auto Insurance web site is full of valuable information for new and existing customers alike. It is very user-friendly, and the company obviously cares about its customers’ online experience.