Progressive Car Insurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: It may seem like a recent comer to the American insurance market, but Progressive Insurance, known formally as Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, was actually established in 1927.

Known primarily for its aggressively priced auto insurance, Progressive actually offers home and renters insurance, commercial auto insurance, and an “other indemnities” segment which provides liability insurance (primarily for directors and officer) to small community banks, in addition to personal car insurance, as well as coverage for motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles, both directly, and through partner companies.

Progressive is also the first major insurer in the U.S to offer pet injury insurance as an add-on to their auto coverage, though at present time this extends only to dogs and cars – the animals most likely to be in a car during an accident.

As of 2007, Progressive was ranked 159th on the Fortune 500 list, and was the third largest insurance company in the United States, behind Allstate and State Farm.

Company Website:


Website Overview: Progressive Insurance works mainly via the telephone and internet, so it should come as no surprise that their website is robust and easy to navigate. There are tabs across the top for their different consumer segments: auto insurance, home & renters insurance, etc., as well as sections for insurance basics, links to articles, blogs, and other resources, and an easy link for filing a claim.

The landing page recognizes the users IP address and customizes a message for their location (i.e. Texas or California), as well as featuring a generic “get a quote” button, and a scroll of average rates. There is also the option for finding an agent, for those who are not comfortable conducting business completely online.

The auto insurance page opens with another invitation to get a quote then lists options for the kinds of vehicles covered, ranging from cars to snowmobiles.

Also in the main section of the page are highlighted boxes offering further information on things like new auto technology, as well as a series of buttons allowing users to blog or share items from the website.

The right-hand margin provides an easy-to-find login box for existing customers, as well as spotlighting special products, like the pet injury coverage mentioned above.