AIG – Company Review

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Company Overview: More than just an auto insurance company, AIG is the world’s leading international financial services and insurance organization, with operations spread across more than 130 countries, regions, and jurisdictions. Their member companies offer service to individual customers as well as commercial and institutional clients, and have the most extensive network of property-casualty and life insurance offerings of any insurer, worldwide.

In the United States, AIG is the largest underwriter of both commercial and industrial insurance while AIG American General is the country’s top-ranked provider of life insurance.

AIGs business model is based on the concept of underwriting profit. This basically means that between the time a premium is paid to them, and a claim is paid out to the customer, the monies held are invested to earn additional profit. While it is largely believed that this model is necessary, the fact is that most insurance companies (at least property and casualty companies) do not engage in the practice.

With regard to auto insurance specifically, AIG offers a full suite of products for individuals and families, with policies that generally include liability as well as comprehensive coverage. As well as private passenger cars and light trucks, AIG offers insurance for motorcycles, ATVs, RVs and boats.

Company Website:


Website Overview: Like their logo, which is just the letters “AIG” in white on a blue field, the AIG website is clean and simple, done in blue and white with basic text. The main page offers sections for individuals, businesses, and producers/advisors, with the lower half of the page providing current market information and links to financial details.

On the family page, customers are offered a $300 savings on auto insurance (as a teaser) and options for quotes on life insurance and travel insurance, via three large graphic buttons, as well as text links for auto, home, life, and travel insurance, and various financial planning services.

It’s clear from the tone of the site – links include options for people with “high net worth” – that AIG serves a fairly well-off client base. Perhaps it is for this reason that they don’t offer customer login options or easy access to claim submission, but that might also be because they prefer to deal with their customers in person or via the phone.