Titan Auto Insurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: While most insurance companies are choosing to diversify their product line, offering home and life insurance in addition to auto coverage, Titan Auto Insurance is staying true to its roots and limiting their offerings to car insurance only.

Titan specializes in affordable insurance for people who may not have great driving histories or insurance records, and while they only operate in ten states they’re also one of the only major insurers to push the fact that they’re bilingual (English/Spanish) and that they also offer SR 22 coverage as well as Mexico insurance (special coverage for driving in Mexico).

In operation since the early 1990’s, Titan is a recognized specialty auto carrier in the US. They were purchased by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company in 2003, and are the exclusive agent for Titan Indemnity Company. They have a A+ (Superior) rating from industry scoring service AM Best.

Company Website: http://www.titaninsurance.com/


Website Overview: With a prominently displayed “Se Habla Espaà ±ol” button and models who are not blue-eyed blondes, it’s clear that Titan is actively seeking the Latino market when it comes to auto insurance, and kudos to them for picking a niche and supporting the customer base within it.

The site offers clickable pictures linking to different sections of their product line, including standard and commercial auto coverage, and insurance for RVs, ATVs and snowmobile, as well.

In addition to standard auto coverage, Titan’s website offers SR22’s and instant ID cards for customers in need.

Other website features include links for Mexico insurance, making a payment, and finding an agent. Titan does not work entirely online, and actually has storefronts in the ten states they serve, apparently understanding that much of their chosen market segment prefers to do business face-to-face.