Esurance – Company Review

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Company Overview: Esurance launched itself as an online auto insurance company serving only four states, in 1999, just one year before the dot-com boost crashed to earth. Despite being a new company, however, they survived, and were purchased by the White Mountains Insurance Group.

Since the company’s beginning they have made it their goal not only to keep their rates affordable, but also to provide convenience and great service. Their customer service center is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and customers can also manage their policies online without staff intervention.

While Esurance’s primary focus is auto insurance, in recent years they’ve branched out to offer homeowners and renters insurance as well, and their packages for auto/home include multi-line discounts.

While insurance is a business of risk, Esurance tries to keep things light whenever possible. One method of doing this is with their popular animated commercials featuring a pink-haired character named Erin Esurance, a spy who has adventures that are solved with insurance coverage.

Today, Esurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the United States.

Company Website:


Website Overview: Visitors to the Esurance website are welcomed by an image of their animated representative Erin Esurance, who is only slightly less recognizable than the GEICO gecko.

Items on the front page include a prominent invitation to get a quote and a sidebar box labeled “Buy Online,” that includes advice like not waiting until your policy expires to renew it. As well, there is a link for existing customers to login and manage their accounts (pay bills, print current ID cards, etc).

Tabs across the top of the page offer in-depth information about Esurance’s product lines: auto, motorcycle, home, renters, life&health, etc. As well there’s a special section for news and another page devoted to the Erin character, including her blog.

Overall, it’s obvious that Esurance’s site is directed to shoppers in Gen X and younger, and it seems to have broad appeal for that segment.