Motorcycle Insurance

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While motorcycles have always been associated with the freedom and adventure of the open road, they’ve become increasingly more popular within city limits lately, especially at times when gasoline is more expensive. After all, they’re cheaper to maintain and more fuel efficient than heavier automobiles .

One expense many people overlook with regard to their bikes is motorcycle insurance coverage. You may not realize it, but motorcycles must follow the same traffic laws as other motor vehicles, and that includes adequate coverage. Even if you live in a state where motorcycle insurance isn’t required by law, however you should consider it a vital form of protection in case you and your wheels are ever in an accident, or in case your bike is ever stolen .

What Qualifies as a Motorcycle?

While there is some variation from insurer to insurer, most reputable companies consider motorcycles to include factory-built motorcycles and motor scooters, as well as other two- or three-wheeled vehicles, including trail bikes and mini-bikes, as long as they’re street legal. ATVs, dune buggies and other vehicles that are not licensed for use on city streets can still be insured, but fall into the ORV – off-road vehicle – category, which requires special insurance .

Typical Motorcycle Coverage Options
The details of coverage will vary slightly between different insurance companies, and your needs will also dictate some of the specifics, but motorcycle coverage typically includes :

  • Attached side cars
  • Bodily injury to yourself, if you’re in an accident with an uninsured motorist
  • injury to others, or damage to property that you accidentally cause while on your bike
  • Customization work, including upgraded components and special paint jobs
  • Damage to your motorcycle that is caused by an accident

Other losses, even if your motorcycle is in winter storage, including fire, theft, and vandalism.

Where to Get It
While motorcycle insurance used to be something only the specialty insurers offered, it has become more and more mainstream. Almost every major insurer offers some kind of motorcycle coverage.