BestMex Launches New Claim Tracking Service

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BestMex, a cross-border insurance specialist, has just launched their new service allowing customers to use the internet to track their claims, even after they’ve returned home from the country in which their auto accident happened.

They’ve called it Best Claims Service, and it allows their clients who have bought Mexican insurance through the company to track their claims. The biggest bonus is that it enables clients to do so even after they’ve returned to the United States, but they are still required to follow standard protocol when filing a claim in Mexico. This is the first time customers can track their claim’s progress online, and it’s especially beneficial when filing claims that take longer to process, such as those that are not filed in the country you currently reside in.

BestMex knows the stress involved in driving your car to another country, so they’ve devised this service to calm the nerves of cross-border travelers. Their service allows clients to go home when they originally planned, without having to wait in Mexico to see the claims process through to the end. They expect the service to appeal to first-timers as well as people who are experienced with the situation and have had difficulty trying to file a cross-border claim.

BestMex is the leading cross-border insurance agency, specializing in travel between the United States and Mexico. They offer insurance for both north- and southbound trips and their vast network of insurance companies will allow you to get the best quote on Mexican auto insurance.