Infinity Insurance Opens Call Center in Texas

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Allstate may have been downgraded recently, but not all insurance companies are tightening their belts and facing losses during this time of economic crisis. One example of a company doing well is Infinity Insurance, which recently announced the opening of a new call center in McAllen, TX.

The new 325-seat facility will house Claims and Customer Service representatives who are bilingual, and specially trained to handle calls from the insurer’s large nationwide base of Spanish-speaking customers.

According to Jim Gober, Infinity’s President and CEO, “This investment highlights Infinity’s ongoing commitment to raising the bar on Spanish language service and support in our industry.”

It is estimated that more than half of Infinity’s customers in targeted urban areas are Hispanic, and many of them prefer to interact in Spanish when possible.

The insurer broke ground on their new call center seven months ago, but has been operating from a temporary location, also in McAllen, while construction was continuing.

Richard Cortez, Mayor of the Texas city, said, “In today’s market, I’m glad that a company like Infinity is able to find success and bring new economic opportunities to McAllen.”