Auto Insurance Providers Offer Drivers A Helping Hand

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Over the past year, the number of drivers without insurance has doubled, from 10% in early 2008 to 20%, as a result of the growing concern over the economic situation. Auto insurance providers have recently taken note of this dangerous trend, and have recently come up with a few ways to help with the cost of auto insurance.

Auto insurers have now implemented plans to help out their clients by reducing or eliminating late fees. Some are also making sure they no longer retract policies if clients miss payments. However, these generous offers may cause drivers to pay an extra 11% in premiums.

Insurance providers are also developing new ways for customers to pay for their insurance. With new electronic forms of payment, auto insurance providers are making it easier than ever before to pay your bills. Many are offering “click and pay options, including PayPal, giving clients an option that is not only easy but safe.

In addition, car insurance companies are eliminating some of the smaller costs associated with obtaining insurance policies, such as writing checks or mailing payments; they are now accepting credit card and debit payments over the phone. Many companies have also even begun offering payment plans, so drivers dont have to worry about paying for everything all at once.

All of these decisions have been made to ensure that drivers all over the country are sufficiently covered. Talk to your insurance agent today to find out about the different ways to save on auto insurance.