Progressive, LoJack Team Up to Reduce Missing Motorcycles

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It’s a well-known fact that anti-theft devices like LoJack not only help protect your car, but also help earn you discounts on your car insurance. What is not as well known is that there’s a LoJack product for motorcycles as well, and right now, customers of Progressive auto insurance can earn not only a 20% discount on their coverage, but also a $50 rebate from the anti-theft company, if they install the device on their covered bike.

Why offer this deal? Motorcycle thefts increased by nearly 135% from 2001 to 2005, according to statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Just 2005, more than 70,000 motorcycles were stolen (that’s one theft every 7.5 minutes), but thanks to LoJack and local police forces, more than $8 million in bike assets have been recovered in the last three years.

For those unfamiliar with LoJack, the system involves having a certified technician install a small radio transceiver somewhere on the motorcycle – a location that even the owner of the bike doesn’t know. If the bike is stolen, a phone call to LoJack automatically activates the transceiver, which sends out a locator signal that can be followed by police with tracking computers.

About the rebate and discount program, Heather Day of Progressive Insurance says, “Bikers are passionate and spend a lot of time and money on their rides.We want to make it easier and more affordable for them to protect their prized possessions.”

While the 20% insurance discount is currently only available in eight of the twenty-six states where LoJack also operates, the rebate is good in all 26, as well as the District of Columbia. To get the rebate form, go to