Sioux Falls, SD is Safest City for Drivers

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For the third year in a row, Sioux Falls, SD has come in at the top of an Allstate Insurance Co. study of America’s safest cities, regarding car accidents. Researchers for the insurance giant analyzed two years of crash data to calculate the odds of drivers in the 193 most-populated U.S. cities being involved in car crashes.

The data revealed that motorists in Sioux Falls average an accident about once in every 14.6 years, which is 31.6 better than the national average rate of an accident every ten years, and slightly better than last year’s average of an accident every 13.7 years.

Sioux Falls city officials attribute their repeated high ranking on the list of safest driving cities to driver education programs and excellent traffic engineering.

After Sioux Falls, the cities of Fort Collins, CO, Chattanooga, TN, Sterling Heights, MI, Warren, MI, Knoxville, TN, Grand Rapids, MI, Cedar Rapids, IA, Lexington, KY, and Detroit, MI rounded out the top ten, while the city ranked at the bottom was Washington, D.C., where drivers average one accident in every 5.4 years.

Massachusetts cities were not included in the study, as Allstate doesn’t write auto policies there.