Tennessee Says : Turn Around, Don’t Drown, New Law Asserts

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If you live anywhere where there is significant annual rainfall, you’re familiar with the concept of flood warnings. If you drive in any of those places, chances are you’re equally familiar with flood warning signs and street barricades, those orange barriers that are often used to block low-lying roads during severe weather.

In an effort to protect people who don’t heed such warnings, however, the state of Tennessee is moving beyond “Turn Around, Don’t Drown,” and implementing, “Turn Around or the Sharks will Circle.”

Specifically, the State Senate voted 33-0 on April 21st to approve a measure sponsored by Republican Senator Bill Ketron, of Murfreesboro. The measure will not only allow drivers who ignore posted warnings or drive past barricades to be charged with reckless driving, but it would also prohibit those who ignore such warnings from suing for damages or medical coverage if they or their passengers are injured in a car accident after entering a flooded area.

In the event of injuries that occur after a vehicle was waved past a barrier by law enforcement personnel, a lawsuit would be allowable, however.

The companion bill to this measure is currently awaiting a full vote by the Tennessee House of Representatives.

There is no information yet available as to how this might affect insurance coverage or premiums.