Progressive Offers Snapshot Coverage in Florida

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Progressive has now made its Snapshot, pay-as-you-drive, auto insurance coverage available in Florida, expanding the number of states in which the policies are available to more than 20. Other states include, Texas, New Jersey, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Louisiana, Colorado, Kentucky, California, and Alabama.

In a statement announcing the introduction of the program in the state, Progressive said, “Business travelers who park their cars at the airport several days a week. Families with an extra car they only drive occasionally. Drivers who avoid slamming on the brakes. They’re all less likely to be in an accident and can save money on their car insurance.”

The basis for discounts in the program, which can be as high as 30 percent, is a tiny telematic device connected to the OnBoard Diagnostic port on the car. This port is present in all vehicles made after 1996. The device collects data about speed, time of day, and number of miles driven.

Applicants for the program agree to drive with the device for 30 days. At the end of that period the data is evaluated for their eligibility to be granted the coverage. Experts say that this insurance model is revolutionizing the industry because for the first time customers are actually paying for a quantifiable model of exactly how they, as individuals, drive.

The Snapshot program is completely voluntary and drivers can opt out at any time. The company stresses that the device is not GPS capable and the drivers routine destinations are not being tracked nor is their privacy being violated.