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Connecticut QuarterConnecticut Auto Insurance Requirements
Reviewed by Dr. Christine Berry

Connecticut has minimum auto insurance coverage requirements that are mandated by the Connecticut Insurance Department. The following minimum coverage is required on every registered vehicle:

Table showing minimum required insurance coverage amounts in Connecticut

(Source: Connecticut Insurance Department)

Driving without the mandatory liability insurance in Connecticut has severe consequences. It can result in a license plate and driver’s license suspension and up to a $1,500 fine, as well as three months jail time for the first offense. Penalties increase significantly for subsequent offenses. Additionally, drivers who are caught driving without insurance must demonstrate financial responsibility before their driving privileges are reinstated.

The Connecticut Auto Insurance Assigned Risk Plan is available to drivers who are otherwise unable to obtain auto insurance. More information is available on the AIPSO website.

Factors Influencing Car Insurance Premiums in Connecticut

Getting a quote for cheap car insurance in Connecticut requires research and rate comparisons between different insurance companies. In 2011, Connecticut ranked as the 9th most expensive states for car insurance costs. Some factors that impact insurance rates in Connecticut include:

  • Urban congestion, particularly in the southern part of the state, which means more cars on the roads and highways
  • Vehicle repair costs are generally more expensive in Connecticut than elsewhere
  • A high percentage of uninsured drivers
  • Vehicle theft rates slightly above national averages

The average auto insurance premium for residents in Connecticut is $952; the national average is $785

Tips for Obtaining Cheap Car Insurance in Connecticut

  • If you’re over 62, and you take a state-approved driver’s course in Connecticut, you are eligible for a state mandated discount
  • Some Connecticut insurance companies offer “pay as you drive” car insurance for low mileage drivers
  • Ask about discounts for safety devices, such as anti-lock brakes and passive restraint systems
  • Combine all of your insurance policies with a single company. Remember to check for “bundling discounts” when shopping for insurance.
  • Keep a good credit score. Connecticut insurance companies consider your credit score when setting your premium.
  • Know that a higher deductible will result in lower annual or monthly premiums. Of course, this will also increase the amount you pay out-of-pocket for repairs or other insurance claims.
  • Ask about “paid in full” discounts for paying an insurance premium annually or every six months, instead of monthly.
  • For vehicles that are older and paid in full, consider getting the minimum required insurance. On older cars, full coverage often isn’t worth the price.

Connecticut Statistics

Auto Theft:

Connecticut has a relatively modest rate of auto thefts, and the theft rate has been decreasing (as is the case in most states) consistently over the past 10 years. This can be attributed primarily to anti-theft devices being standard on recent model cars, as well as public awareness of the issue:

Chart showing the declining rate of automobile theft in Connecticut from 1990 to 2010Graph showing per capita number of stolen cars in Connecticut from 1990 to 2010Table - number of stolen cars in CT each year from 1990 to 2010

(Source: Connecticut Department of Public Safety; U.S. Census Bureau)

Automobile Accidents: The total vehicle miles traveled in Connecticut has remained almost constant, as have vehicle accident fatality rates. Connecticut has one of the lowest numbers of deaths in car crashes in the country, despite having a fairly high population concentration.

Chart showing number of deaths from car crashes in Connecticut from 1990 to 2010(Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

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