Terms of Use

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The terms and policies which are described in the Carinsurancelist website are valid only in states in which said features are legal and supported. The basic tenet of the Terms of Use section is that consumers are aware that they make decisions about auto insurance of their own free will and access websites such as Carinsurancelist only to obtain insurance information for comparison.

As a service to our visitors, they may be directed to third-party entities for auto insurance rate quotes. We believe these parties are honest and of high quality but do not vouch for, endorse or recommend any particular insurer. Use of the features on the Carinsurancelist website is free of charge and as such, claims no responsibility or liability in terms of theft, loss of, or unauthorized use of any visitor’s assets.

As a responsible web shopper, you are responsible for protecting your computer, email, and passwords by applying common sense and the latest anti-viral and malicious software-preventing applications. Carinsurancelist also takes all the most rational approaches to preventing unauthorized access, but disclaims any liability for loss or theft of information.