The Best Drivers in America

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Today we’re taking our hats off and giving a bow to the safest drivers out there. Specifically, the safe drivers from Fort Collins, Colorado, because according to a report by Allstate Insurance, you are the safest drivers of us all. The average Fort Collins driver might experience an accident every 14 years where as DC residents seem to be in jams every 5 years. DC has also scored last place two years in a row.

GMAC Insurance also did a study, which discovered that the Midwestern and Western States continually rank higher when it comes to better driving than the states of North East. With 35,000 fatalities in traffic a year, being a bad driver is no joking manner; so what tips can drivers from Fort Collins give to those who seem to be piling up the traffic tickets?

Minimize distractions – GMAC Insurance discovered that 1 in 4 Americans admitted to distracting behavior while driving.

Be aware of road conditions – Is there ice on the road or a big rainstorm coming through? If possible, stay off the roads in bad weather.

Maintenance matters– Yearly inspections are required by law and it doesn’t hurt to know you have working breaks (and if someone stalling at a green light- a working horn!)

Keep a safe distance between you and the cars in front
– in bumper-to-bumper traffic you don’t want to be even closer to that car sputtering oil and smoke.

Road Rage– Ok, so he cut you off. But is it worth the screaming, shouting, and finger-giving? Keep your focus on the road and a level head; you’ll be safer because of it.

Fort Collins mayor, Doug Hutchinson, said, “Becoming America’s Safest Driving City takes quality roads and infrastructure. But more than anything else, it’s the result of individuals taking responsibility for keeping our streets safe.” Because even if you’re a great driver, chances are the people around you are not. The best action all drivers can take is to be aware of the road. So don’t be an iphone playing, makeup wearing terrible driver.

And while the above tips may seem obvious, if you remember to practice them you could be joining the ranks of Fort Collins or second place winner Chattanooga, Tennessee. And if you need motivation on a personal level- the less collisions, the less money paid for repairs and insurance, it seems like a winning situation.

City & Overall RankingCollision Likelihood
Compared to National Average
Average Years Between Collisions
Fort Collins, Colo.-31.2% less likely14.5
Chattanooga, Tenn.-22.7% less likely12.19
Boise, Idaho-22.3% less likely12.9
Colorado Springs, Colo.-20.0% less likely12.5
Knoxville, Tenn.-19.5% less likely12.4
Eugene, Ore.-18.3% less likely12.2
Reno, Nev.-18.2% less likely12.2
Huntsville, Ala.-18.1% less likely12.2
Lincoln, Neb.-17.9% less likely12.2
Cedar Rapids, Iowa-16.5% less likely12.0

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