What Is The Most Stolen Car in America?

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Wondering why it’s so difficult to get a decent price for auto insurance?   It might be that your car looks better re-sprayed, fitted with rims and in Mexico. Until recently you more or less had to guess whether your dream car was a theft risk based on its ghettofabulosity, but that isn’t the only reason a car is commonly targeted by thieves.

So what is the most stolen car in America?  



The humble 1994 Honda Accord.  

Why is it that this car is stolen more often than others?   Well, apart from its obvious good looks, excellent performance and street racing appeal, there’s a much more mundane reason why this car gets boosted more often than any other: parts.

There’s a chronic shortage of spare parts for Honda Accords, and Hondas in general.  Frank Scafidi, a spokesman for the NICB, spoke to US Insurance about the high theft rate of the Honda Accord.

“There is a substantial black market for hot parts, Scafidi said. “A lot of times, those vehicles are stolen and they’re worth more in parts than they are intact “

Spare parts aren’t the only reason Honda Accords are targeted, US Insurance says.   Another reason is also that the cars have weak security systems and are easy to break into.   There is also the obvious street appeal, which makes them easy to sell on the black market.

In fact, all many Asian imports are targeted, with the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Honda Civic topping the list as the three most stolen cars in America.

Not all of the most stolen cars are from the East, however. Full-size Dodge pickups, the Ford F-150 Series, the Dodge Ram and Caravan and the Ford Explorer and Taurus are all on the top 10 list of most stolen cars.

Here’s the full list of the top 10 most stolen cars in America – make sure your next car isn’t on it.

  1. 1994 Honda Accord
  2. 1995 Honda Civic
  3. 1991 Toyota Camry
  4. 1999 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
  5. 1997 Ford F150 Series/Pickup
  6. 2004 Dodge Ram
  7. 2000 Dodge Caravan
  8. 1994 Acura Integra
  9. 2002 Ford Explorer
  10. 1999 Ford Taurus