When Big Money Collides

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If you were to hear that a Bentley-driving blonde crashed into a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, a Mercedes, and a Porsche, you would probably think you were being told a very bad joke. But in Monte Carlo on July 27, one of the most expensive fender-benders you could imagine took place in broad daylight.

Million Dollar Fender Bender

Monte Carlo, of course, isn’t your typical little town. Considered by many to be Europe’s hub of lavish excess, Monte Carlo hosts some of the world’s most expensive yachts, homes, and automobiles. And just last Wednesday, five of the planet’s most luxurious cars were involved in a mini pile-up right on the main road.

It all started when three blondes—perhaps running late for a “Housewives of Monte Carlo” casting call—were driving a tad too eagerly in a blue Bentley Azure and ran into the rear of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Immediately after, the Bentley swerved and clipped the nose of a black Ferrari F430, and with the chaos causing a roadblock, an Aston Martin Rapide crashed into the Bentley, followed by a Porsche 911.

Five cars in total, all receiving light to significant damage, the Bentley getting the worst of it.

With automobiles like these, the insurance claims are going to be enormous. The Bentley costs an estimated $363,000, while the Mercedes weighs in at $91,000, the Ferrari at $186,000, the Aston Martin at $228,000, and the Porsche 911 at $77,000 – a whopping total of $945,000 worth of metal and fiberglass!

Can you imagine just how much your insurance premiums would be for only the Porsche? Never mind the Bentley or Aston Martin.

For the Porsche and Mercedes, basic insurance, including collision, liability, and comprehensive coverage, would set you back roughly $2,000/year, and that’s on the low end, assuming you have a good track record and take care of your automobile.

The more expensive cars on the list, namely the Aston Martin and the Bentley, would run you a minimum of $3,500/year to cover, even with only the basics.

The reasons you have to pay so much to insure luxury cars are varied. For starters, the whopping price tags mean that any replacement part(s) is going to cost the insurance company a pretty penny. You must pay for the risk. Also, the more expensive the car, the higher its street value and more likely it is to be stolen. Throw in another few hundred a month just to make the insurance companies feel better.

If you thought it cost a lot to purchase these types of automobiles, just wait until you need to get them insured. And just wait until the blonde gets her rates tweaked after causing this accident. She may be looking at over $4k/year in insurance costs.