Does Your Insurance Cover Weather Damage and Natural Disasters?

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Surviving a natural disaster can be devastating in many ways. Job losses,
homelessness due to the disaster, and vehicle damage all take their toll on a person. Most
individuals have one car, maybe two, and when those cars are ruined because of Mother
Nature’s havoc, it is often difficult to recover from the losses. My father lost three British
Classic cars in Hurricane Katrina and is still recovering from the storm 7 years later. The
estimated value of his cars was over $40,000 and the insurance company paid only
$3,000 for all three of the foreign classic cars. Before signing on with automotive
insurance companies there are some important things to remember before you sign the
coverage paperwork.

1. Research. Do your homework on the insurance company. There are many companies
which offer coverage. Complete the necessary web research, compare rates, and ask
friends and family what their insurance rates run.

2. Meet. Make an appointment to meet with the insurance representative in person to
discuss rates and terms before signing important documents.

3. Think on it. Do not make a hasty decision. After reviewing necessary paperwork and
contracts take the time out to mull over the information before you make a final decision
as to what company to go with.

4. Copies. Keep copies of ALL receipts, contracts, paperwork, and all necessary
documents pertaining to the auto insurance policy in a safe place. Individuals often like
to scan documents and back up files with a CD or thumb drive. Another option is to keep
papers in a fire proof safe or bank safety deposit box. If disaster rears its ugly head then
you will be covered if you have back up copies of the files.

Disasters are never easy to deal with and when your auto is involved it makes matters
even worse. Following these helpful tips can take some of the stress out of coping with
disasters and your car.

by Jennifer S. O’Reilly