Heavy Fines Imposed for Texting While Jaywalking

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Texting While Walking Is Now Illegal in Several Cities in the Northeast U.S.The Northeast is known for fast walking, fast talking, and fast deals. However, jaywalking and texting could now cost big bucks. In Fort Lee, NJ, and Philadelphia texting while also jaywalking is now illegal. In Fort Lee texting while jaywalking and those violating the law will be given a ticket for $85.00. Jaywalking and texting in Philly will cost you around $120.00.

Officials say issuing tickets to texting jaywalkers is not about making money for the city, but instead is a warning and reminder of common sense and safety. According to New Jersey’s The Record, more than 117 tickets have been issued to pedestrians in Fort Lee since the end of March 2012. Warnings were issued first and then tickets to cut down on this new technological epidemic were given out. “It’s a big distraction. Pedestrians aren’t watching where they are going and they are not aware” said Fort Lee New Jersey Police Chief Thomas Ripoli.
Not only is texting a distraction, but can lead to death if an individual gets struck by a moving vehicle. In Fort Lee, 74 pedestrians were hurt and two people were killed due to texting and not watching cars in front of them.
By Jennifer S. O’Reilly

Photo credit: Robert Helfman